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Get accurate pricing and in-depth analysis for any property

Using machine-learning algorithms, we analyze millions of data points to achieve accurate pricing like never seen before. Propcy reveals the relevant comps and supports investment approaches such as flipping and cash flow appreciation indications, allowing you to take more informed decisions.

Collaborate with your clients and find properties tailored for their needs

Your clients can view the suggested properties right from Propcy. They can collaborate with you and request more info, schedule a tour and send an offer. Clients can also browse for more properties based on their personal preferences to accelerate their property evaluations.

Tell the right story for your client and pitch like never before

With Propcy you’ll always know what the real street price is for each property and the reasons behind the valuation. We show you exactly what’s behind each estimation, like comps, surroundings, commutes and more. You’ll know if there are changes in the area that may affect its future price. Using Propcy, your client will always trust you.

Expedite the sales cycle, focus on sales, Propcy will do the rest

For the listing agent, Propcy creates in-depth reports for each property that can be used in a sales pitch. For the buyer agent, Propcy saves time by looking for the best fit properties, allows your clients to browse and send requests for a tour, place an offer or just ask for more info.

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